How To Recognize Real Brazilian Virgin Hair

How To Recognize Real Brazilian Virgin Hair

The brazilian hair is a popular kind of human hair. Brazilian virgin hair is sourced from a single donor. No manufacturer has processed the hair meaning all cuticles are intact. Additionally, the strands face a similar direction, so their quality is top-notch. Nowadays, there are so many fake hair bundles. It's hard to identify what is genuine and fake as most hair looks similar. Some manufacturers process human hair to give it all its shine and sell it as virgin hair. To avoid these, here are ways to recognize real Brazilian virgin hair.

Recognizing genuine Brazilian hair

The following are ways to differentiate between real and fake.

1. Check the color of the Brazilian virgin hair

It is the first step even before touching the hair. Virgin hair has a particular color range. So anything outside that isn't the actual hair. The hair is cut from a donor, so it will always have its color. The color can be anything between natural blacks and browns. It's rare to spot the black color, but there's a possibility. Most Brazilian hair is medium brown. Other than the color shade, you'll notice a lack of uniformity in the color of the strands. Some may appear darker or lighter than others. It's also common to spot a few grey strands in the hair, a clear indication of genuine.

2. Confirm the texture of the Brazilian virgin hair

Virgin human hair has a uniques texture. It feels slightly coarse than your natural hair. Run your fingers through the hair and if it feels smooth or silky, avoid buying it. Only processed or treated hair is soft and silky. So the manufacturer may have added chemicals and disguised it as actual Brazilian hair. Take note of the hair's form. Virgin hair is slightly wavy and not straight. Perfectly straight hair indicates that it has been chemically processed.

3. Check the price of the Brazilian virgin hair

We all know that human hair bundles are expensive. But again, they shouldn't be overpriced. If the price indicated is unbelievably cheap, don't rush to buy. Some sellers may offer discounts or special offers on the hair. However, even with the sweet deals, the price cannot go as low as half the original price. Window shop extensively and identify the average market price.

4. Perform the flame test

Unfortunately, no seller will let you perform this test on their hair. You can only do it after purchasing the hair, meaning you risk losing your money. Cut a small piece of hair and hold it over a fire. Look for something small like a candle to ignite and burn the hair. A big flame from the hair indicates that its synthetic hair is highly flammable. Virgin hair is not as flammable as the latter.

5. Do the wet test

Virgin hair regains its curls or waves when wet. Non-virgin hair becomes heavy but, it's not a complete indication of non-Brazilian hair. Perform other tests to make a confirmation.


Anyone going after Brazilian hair must be familiar with its true beauty. It's disappointing to land one that's not genuine. Take note of the points above and use them when buying the hair bundles. Carrying out multiple tests as one may not be enough. Also, buy from trustworthy sellers to get actual human hair.